PensionsFirst becomes RiskFirst

Having revolutionised risk management in the defined benefit pensions industry, we are now broadening to meet the growing demand from insurers and other buy-side risk managers for more sophisticated analytics to manage multi-asset portfolios and to master regulatory complexity. This new approach requires a new name - RiskFirst.

While the name changes, our dedication to providing intuitive, user-friendly risk analytics and reporting solutions remains the same. PFaroe, our market-leading risk management platform, provides a cross-balance sheet view of liabilities, assets and risk, consistently presented in one place. As an online platform, PFaroe provides instant access to up-to-date information and, because it is delivered in modular form, users can license according to their needs for day to day management or for specific projects. As a result, PFaroe offers a highly attractive and cost-effective solution to risk managers of all sizes to meet their growing need for sophisticated analytics and reporting.

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